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The Schulich Accelerated MBA

Do you have a BBA or BComm from a Canadian university? Are you a CA who holds an undergraduate honors degree? Did you complete these qualifications within the last 10 years? If you completed a business degree or are a CA and have 2 years of post-degree work experience then you may qualify for the Accelerated MBA program at Schulich.

The Accelerated MBA gives students the opportunity to complete their MBA in just 8 months full-time or 20months part-time. This program automatically awards students with advanced standing in the core courses and reduces the total required MBA courses from 60.00 credit-hours to 30.00 credit-hours. As a result, students automatically begin in the second year of the MBA. The tuition is also reduced by half.

Mash Reza, a current Accelerated MBA student stated, “I had heard a number of great things from people I knew who had gone through the Accelerated program. The fact that Schulich is a global business school and I could complete my MBA in 8 months greatly appealed to me. Schulich was the only school I applied to and it was an easy decision to pursue. For me, as an Accelerated student I made a conscious decision from the start to become as involved as I could. I have participated in Schulympics and the MBA games to name a few and have gotten to meet a ton of great people.”

To find out if you may potentially qualify for the Accelerated MBA program, register for a Schulich Connect pre-admissions appointment today.


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