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Why Schulich? – MBA Alum Profile

Upon graduating from Schulich, you will join an extensive alumni network of 24 000+. To give you insight into how the program can benefit your career, recent alumni have agreed to share a little bit about their backgrounds and why they choose Schulich.

Ivan Guisao, MBA 2011
Prior studies: B.Eng., MSc.
Country of Origin: Colombia
Current Role: Senior Manager, Mobile Banking – Scotiabank

1. Why did you choose to pursue an MBA?
I had been in the workforce for 6 years and had work experience in management consulting and project management internationally and in canada. Even though I had another masters degree in engineering, I realized that having an MBA from a top university would speed up my career. I wanted to achieve three things (which I did):
1. Career progression, whether it was on the same field I was in, in a new one or by fostering my previous entrepreneurial experience
2. Learn top management trends and concepts that I could apply to my next roles, and,
3. Aspire to well paid jobs

2. Why did you choose Schulich for the MBA?
As everybody else, I applied to more than one university (Ivey, Rotman and Schulich). I was accepted at all of them. I did not want to relocate (unless absolutely necessary) and I didn’t want to overpay for my MBA or spend more than 16-24 months doing it. So, from the outset it was an easy decision.

I went to each university that I had applied to to make my final decision. When I came to Schulich, there was a club fair going on. I saw so many clubs and specializations that I would be interested in, that I started chatting with some of the current students (now good friends of mine) to help me get a sense of the school. At that moment, the very first reason why I chose Schulich came to mind. Diversity. 19 specializations, 15+ student-driven clubs and initiatives and a diverse group of students and professors that made me feel right at home.

Not only that, but the students (my only point of comparison) were all so happy and proud of being “Schuligans”, that I had no second thoughts. The second reason why I chose Schulich was its global focus. Just like the bank I work for now, Schulich is the most international MBA in Canada and probably in the world. Students and faculty alike bring a different perspective to each class, where I also felt that I have a lot to contribute, having worked in a few countries myself.

3. How did the Schulich MBA help you to achieve your post-MBA career goals?
By putting a top brand behind me. I remember my current boss saying at the end of our first interview: “I’ve worked with a few guys from Schulich and you guys are really good. That’s a good sign for you”. Also, The strong alumni network. I ran into friends and acquaintances in the downtown core all the time. I got my current job through a referral from a friend. It’s great staying in touch with the business community by having friends and contacts near you in so many industries and even countries. Wherever I go to a country for work, I know I know someone there that went to Schulich. The network, the prestige and the quality of education are the real assets we pay for when you do an MBA. And those assets are absolutely possible to monetize in the real world.

4. What advice would you offer to someone who is interested in pursuing the Schulich MBA?
To absolutely go for it and get involved in as many things as you can. From running for the gbc, to attending information sessions, heading and participating of student clubs to doing case competitions. The amount of information and contacts you’ll get is priceless and will be with you for life. And Schulich does this better than anyone else.


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