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Data Scientists, the Coolest Kids in School

Lately you keep hearing about “data scientists” and “big data”. It’s everywhere – on the news, on TV, on magazine covers. It’s even become the trendiest #hashtags on social media this year.

So what is big data? And who are data scientists?

Well big data is the term used to describe the quantity and variety of data companies can now mine – everything from sales transaction data, to data from social networks, to information from equipment sensors.

Data scientists are skilled business analysts who distill large sets of data into useable and meaningful forms. They are able to leverage analytics to support companies strategically and create business value. Does this sound like a career path you would be interested in?

At Schulich you can complete a Master of Business Analytics in just 12 months and choose from one of the following three fields of specialization: General stream, Marketing or Supply Chain Management. The curriculum also includes a Major Research Project focused on hands-on, solutions-driven research embedded within a company.

The career opportunities are endless. Graduates can work in a wide range of areas including: strategy, research, marketing and sales.  The Master of Business Analytics also serves as a strong foundation for a PhD.

Want to know more? Book a Schulich Connect pre-admission appointment to discuss your profile. Applications are now being accepted to start this Fall.


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