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Your Path to Career Success

When deciding to do an MBA, prospective students are often considering a transition in one or more of the following ways; by geography, by industry, and/or by job function. Successful transitioning is dependent on many factors, including; the quality and level of a candidate’s past work experience, the level of an MBA student’s academic learning and performance, current market conditions and employment demand within the targeted area(s) of interest, and a student’s ability to market his/her self within their targeted area(s) of interest.

With a mission statement of “guiding students to sustainable career success”, the Career Development Centre at the Schulich School of Business aims to educate and support students in their career aspirations. Beginning with how to transition into a new career, students are further guided on how to continue to market themselves and maintain strong career momentum long past convocation. Choosing a really good starting point post-MBA is crucial.

Above and beyond a good skill set and interest match between a candidate and the targeted job function, a strong correlation between one’s personal values and the targeted company’s corporate values is the real x factor in determining the potential for long term career growth and success.

Scott Sorg | Business Development Manager
Career Development Centre | Schulich School of Business


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