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Lauren Joseph – IMBA Student Perspective

Interested in developing an international profile during your studies? The IMBA may be an excellent fit. Join us on November 21st, 2012 (Wednesday), at our main campus to hear about the program from current students and alumni. Register here.

Lauren is a recent grad of the program who wanted to share her experience in the program with you.

The IMBA experience is as challenging as it is rewarding. In this program, you not only learn from impressive faculty, but from impressive peers who bring rich and fascinating perspectives to the table. Having specialized in the European region, I had the opportunity to work in the Netherlands for my work term, where I was able to gain valuable insights about my field in a European context and extend my professional network.

Through the IMBA program, I have also had ample opportunity to get involved in the Schulich community. I’ve been an executive of the Schulich Net Impact Chapter, competed in several local and international case competitions, represented the IMBA program at the Graduate Business Council, and worked as a Sustainability Consultant with the York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants (YSEC). Through involvement in YSEC, I’ve been able to apply skills learned in the classroom to live sustainability projects, and have recently taken on the position of Managing Director, through which I am building on my experience in consulting, business development, marketing and project management.

Through the IMBA, I’ve gained more than the key takeaways from my classes and skills gained through projects; I’ve gained a heightened ability to work effectively in extremely diverse teams and an incredibly global network of close friends who genuinely want to support my development as a professional and as a person. This is the program for bright, ambitious leaders who want to build meaningful international careers.

Lauren Joseph, IMBA 2012
Health, Safety and Sustainability Coordinator
IAMGOLD Corporation


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