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Rankings Roundup 2012

As you continue your research, you will likely take a look at the top business publications to see how Schulich compares to other institutions nationally and internationally. To make things easier for you, here’s a rankings cheat sheet for 2012 (detailed surveys results can be found at

The Economist – #1 in Canada, 16th in the world
What’s the ranking based on? This survey measures business schools on criteria deemed most important to MBA students and alumni such as diversity of career opportunities, earnings potential and networking.

Notable – In addition to the overall #1 ranking, Schulich ranked 1st for recruiter diversity, 4th in educational experience and internationalism of alumni and 5th in salary increase post MBA (grads have seen increases of up to 165%).

Forbes - #1 in Canada, 10th in the world
What’s the ranking based on? – Return on Investment (ROI) experienced by MBA graduates five years after obtaining their degrees. ROI is calculated by determining average post-MBA compensation over a five-year period minus the costs associated with attending business school (tuition, fees and foregone salary).

Notable – Schulich had the highest ROI among all MBA programs in Canada. Graduates reported an average return on investment of US$47,000.

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